joi, 25 aprilie 2013

On my walls ;)

My first post on this blog is about something I've made...actually I'm still working on it ;)
My room's walls were boring and pink (my room was painted 8 years ago,when I was crazy about pink and other girly things) so I decided to make them more interesting.
I searched for ideeas,but I couldn't find anything I like,so I got inspirations from my own drawings(on my school notebooks).

First,I drew some circles,lines and other things with no meaning and then I started colouring them.I used acrylic paints and anything else I found at home.
It was quite difficult because of the thin and small lines,but I made it!


This one is my favourite ;)

I hope you like it!

I need your opinion about what I made,so please leave a comment.


And finally,the 
result(not really done yet): 

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