joi, 2 mai 2013

Yesterday,after cuting the jeans and designing them I saw another tutorial.I loved it and tried to make it ;)

I used white shorts and a black marker.

This is the result:

miercuri, 1 mai 2013

Good mornig !:)
How are you?I'm in the Easter break so I've got some free time.I don't really have what to do,so I do what I like the most:creating things :) Yesterday,I cut a pair of jeans to make shorts and I liked the result.I'm curious if you like it too,so tell me !

And here comes the tutorial.Ok,not really, because I've made photos just with the final result.Anyway, I've used a pair of jeans I wasn't using anymore and I've cut them.Then,I've decorated them ;)


You can decorate them with anything you want...I've used what I've found at home .

Hope you like my post and please leave a comment ;)