joi, 2 mai 2013

Yesterday,after cuting the jeans and designing them I saw another tutorial.I loved it and tried to make it ;)

I used white shorts and a black marker.

This is the result:

miercuri, 1 mai 2013

Good mornig !:)
How are you?I'm in the Easter break so I've got some free time.I don't really have what to do,so I do what I like the most:creating things :) Yesterday,I cut a pair of jeans to make shorts and I liked the result.I'm curious if you like it too,so tell me !

And here comes the tutorial.Ok,not really, because I've made photos just with the final result.Anyway, I've used a pair of jeans I wasn't using anymore and I've cut them.Then,I've decorated them ;)


You can decorate them with anything you want...I've used what I've found at home .

Hope you like my post and please leave a comment ;)

joi, 25 aprilie 2013


I found something really nice and now I'm trying to make it so I'll post some photos of my work as soon as possible ;)

On my walls ;)

My first post on this blog is about something I've made...actually I'm still working on it ;)
My room's walls were boring and pink (my room was painted 8 years ago,when I was crazy about pink and other girly things) so I decided to make them more interesting.
I searched for ideeas,but I couldn't find anything I like,so I got inspirations from my own drawings(on my school notebooks).

First,I drew some circles,lines and other things with no meaning and then I started colouring them.I used acrylic paints and anything else I found at home.
It was quite difficult because of the thin and small lines,but I made it!


This one is my favourite ;)

I hope you like it!

I need your opinion about what I made,so please leave a comment.


And finally,the 
result(not really done yet): 

I've made this blog long time ago,but I haven't posted anything yet.
Today I remembered about it and I'm thinking about using it.
I don't really know what I'll be posting about,but I'm gonna start with some nice DIYs I've found and then try to make them on my own and show you what I've done or I can make my own DIYs,because... I like creating things :)And ...maybe I'll post a part of the story I'm writing ;)
I hope you'll like it! :*